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行业新闻您好,您当前的位置:首页 > 行业新闻
发表时间:2012-06-20 11:20:41[ 阅读次数:921 ]


1、全民阅读 nationwide reading

语境:发展文化艺术、新闻出版、广播电影电视、档案等事业,繁荣发展哲学社会科学,倡导全民阅读。 We will develop culture and arts, the press and publishing, and radio, television and film, and run archives well. We will promote the flourishing of philosophy and social sciences. We will encourage the people to read.

2、阳光财政 transparency of public finance

语境:所有财政拨款的“三公”经费都要公开,打造阳光财政,让群众看明白、能监督。 All public spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles and public receptions should be made public. We will ensure transparency of public finance and make it easy for people to understand and oversee it.

3、精准扶贫 to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation

语境:地方要优化整合扶贫资源,实行精准扶贫,确保扶贫到村到户。 Local governments need to merge poverty alleviation resources to make better use of them and take targeted measures to ensure that assistance reaches poverty-stricken villages and households.n:

4、权力清单 power list

语境:确需设置的行政审批事项,要建立权力清单制度,一律向社会公开。 We will introduce a system to list all items over which government review and approval are required and release the list to the public.

5、互联网金融 Internet banking

语境:促进互联网金融健康发展。 We will promote the healthy development of Internet banking.

6、黑名单制度 blacklisting system

语境:对违背市场竞争原则和侵害消费者权益的企业建立黑名单制度,让失信者寸步难行。 We will implement a blacklisting system for enterprises that violate market competition principles and infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, and make those who lose credibility pay the price.

7、中国式办法 Chinese solution

语境:我们一定要坚定不移推进医改,用中国式办法解决好这个世界性难题。 We must resolutely press ahead with medical reform and work out a Chinese solution to this global problem.

8、舌尖上的安全 safety of every bite of food

语境:用最严格监管、最严厉处罚、最严肃问责,坚决治理餐桌上的污染,切实保障“舌尖上的安全”。 We will strictly follow laws and regulations and comply with standards, and apply the strictest possible oversight, punishment and accountability to prevent and control food contamination and ensure that every bite of food we eat is safe



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